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Book Review: STORIES OF THE EYE edited by Sam Richard & Joe Koch

WeirdPunk Books brings us a new anthology that will have you questioning your own existence. OK, maybe not, but it does give you an inside look at the relationship between artist and model, no matter how fucked up and weird it is.

Edited by Sam Richard and Joe Koch, this anthology hits on different levels. Not your normal strait-laced horror, but more so getting to the final resting place through obscurities and using transgressive action. WeirdPunk Books is never afraid to redefine the norm.

With this Anthology, WeirdPunk keeps that style, but takes several huge steps forward and changes the game, touching on the creativity, the passions, the desires and mixing in wants and needs.

The anthology "Stories of the Eye” gives us 13 different writers, 13 different artists, taking their turn to examine the relationships people create, not only with their subjects, but those who are directly connected. And each story shines a spotlight on the connections some of these people are grabbing onto. Both physically and mentally.

The horror lies within the relationships as we read about lost souls, or those with broken souls grasping onto the first hint of any interest in their life. We discover the different ways people cope with their own issues that may have been masked for years, while they try to find themselves, and at times their only one true desire is to be wanted for something or used for something.

With touches of eroticism mixed with emotional and delusional barriers, we have 13 unique point-of-views touching on those who not only suffer for their art, but those who suffer to be part of art.

Each story is unique, and unapologetic, while elegantly being delivered without remorse.

“Stories of the Eye” creates a new style of art by combining everything we may have ever known about relationships, everything we have ever gotten wrong, and doesn’t place any sort of limitations, allowing every thought and sense and feel to be free, and open, as being on display for the World to pass judgement.

Title: Stories of the Eye

Editor: Sam Richard & Joe Koch

Publisher: Weirdpunk Books

Publication Date: October 25, 2022

Pages: 186

Language: English

Format Reviewed: Paperback


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