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Book Review: LOVE POTION 666 by Nathan D. Ludwig

This was…intense. That is a good way of putting it. A very “no-holds-barred” type story with an unorthodox presentation at times. Words were not held back.

It was good, and odd, and vicious, and psychotic. And at times it felt like one big Jerry Springer type garbage TV talk show with all of the dirty laundry being aired, and we who are reading it are the TV audience. Other times it felt like a gritty grindhouse type movie, the kind you might rag on because the production value is low, and the acting is over the top but something about it makes it become a cult favorite. Trust me that is a compliment.

The two main characters are a mother and daughter duo, with some bad blood. That is an understatement. Leanna, the sociopathic whack job, now out of prison, wants to get revenge on her mother. She wants to destroy her mother. Oh, did I mention her mother steals her boyfriends?

Speaking of good ol’ mother, Teena is off in Haiti practicing some voodoo, or witchcraft, or something that you just know will eventually involve the sacrificial blood of a virgin. When she gets back, her special sex dust, yes, I said sex dust, is missing.

This isn’t a relationship Dr. Phil is going to be able to mend.

I mentioned earlier words were not held back. This is one of those stories I’ve talked about before where the writer allows the dialogue to tell the story. I’m always a sucker for that. It just creates a good flow, and it involves you more, I think.

And let’s face it, when you can get a story full of fights and zombies and sex, I’m checking it out, more so the sex.

I appreciate the gross moments. There are plenty. And the humor mixed in. It all felt like it fit properly. None of it was forced.

This book is fucking bonkers at time. And I think we can all use that. And it’s fast. Not short, but fast. Short chapters and like I mentioned earlier with the dialogue telling the story, it feels like a fast read.

Title: Love Potion 666

Author: Nathan D. Ludwig

Publisher: Independently Published

Publication Date: May 27, 2022

Pages: 208

Language: English

Format Reviewed: eBook


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