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Book Review: INSIDE OUT by Lor Gislason

Goopy, gooey, disgusting pile of pure nastiness. I can only be talking about INSIDE OUT by Lor Gislason. This is one released by DarkLit Press, a press that you really should be checking out. Holy cow their line-up is unbelievable.

But let’s talk a little about this one, INSIDE OUT. It’s described as an over-the-top tribute to the goopy, grimy and gross horror of the 80’s. I didn’t think it was too gross to be honest with you but that may be because I’m a little desensitized from some of the things I read.

So, the set up with this is a mysterious infection that has started spreading through the world. People are getting it. Animals are getting it. And they are sort of melting into these horrific forms, or monsters, but not so much scary monsters. I guess I can only describe it by saying if you took The Blob and crossed it with Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs. That is what I’m picturing with these newly developed melted creatures.

This book gets creepy quick, and it gets a little uncomfortable too. It’s pretty effective. Some people will get very uncomfortable just from the sickness aspect. It’s like a virus that absorbs your body. An infection. A new kind of gangrene maybe?

The tension starts immediately as we are set up to learn about these things through a news report. The report moves into an interview of apparently the only survivor from a dig site. And from there the book is made up of different events happening, all involving this pile of puke taking over someone’s body.

There is a somewhat comical entry where someone thought they just stumbled upon their parents doing the deed. Getting freaky. Getting down. Until she realizes something is wrong.

Each section of the book has a title to give you a little heads up of who may get engulfed by this nastiness next. I really got into Segment 15, The Non-Believer. This segment was really developed. And you may get heated. And then the Final segment – Reintegration, we have a doctor live on a TV show demonstrating a way to hopefully beat this goop, or at least to recover from it. But of course, things don’t go as planned.

The word goop or goopy really does describe this book. It stays with you for a while like a goopy infected eyeball. This book is a little more than a goopy infected eyeball.

INSIDE OUT from Lor Gislason is a gooey yucky icky goopy good time of a read. You’ll find yourself laughing at times while also getting heated for some of the actions. It’s gross at times, but don’t let that scare you off. Like the infection itself, each fragment in the book sucks you in and engulfs you right there. To say this is entertaining is an understatement. It’s a fun book, in that goopy sick kind of way.

Title: Inside Out

Author: Lor Gislason

Publisher: DarkLit Press

Publication Date: October 10, 2022

Pages: 110

Language: English

Format Reviewed: eBook


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