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Book Review: AMERICAN CANNIBAL edited by Rebecca Rowland

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Startling, yet amusing, “American Cannibal” raises the obvious question, “what if?”

This anthology is a retelling of American History with a unique spin: Cannibals!

Get ready for this one. It’s both fun and nightmarish. It’s sickening, yet educational. OK, maybe not the correct education per se, but for many it may be a little more interesting.

Rebecca Rowland and Maenad Press compiled a successfully solid list of writers to put their own spin on American History with the reoccurring theme of involving cannibals. This concept alone should draw the interest of those Hannibal worshippers. C’mon, you know you’re out there.

These stories are fun, exciting, humorous, odd, cringey, horrific, bloody, chewy, taste like chicken, smelly, sickening, and erotic at times. In fact, you may want to remind yourself of the theme before starting each story. They all do a great job disguising the obvious before the reveal.

I really liked how each story was constructed in a way that the cannibals weren't just thrown in our face and shoved down our throats. Each created a story that allowed attendance of the cannibals to highlight or accent the rest of the story.

These stories are interesting, in that sick demented kind of way. Things get gory at times. We have stories ranging from having to eat each other for the more important people to survive, to stories with revenge as the main theme, to stories with protesters getting arrested, and the punishment is brutal, to a couple of the stories mixing in humor, which you know I always appreciate.

We can relive Waco, and Y2K, but with Cannibals. Who wouldn’t enjoy this?

If you take away anything from reading this collection, allow it to be things are more interesting when a cannibal is involved.

Title: American Cannibal

Author: Various

Editor: Rebecca Rowland

Publisher: Maenad Press

Publication Date: March 7, 2023

Pages: 352

Language: English

Format Reviewed: Paperback

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