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Episode 70: Author Interview: Ross Jeffery & Tyler Jones

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Conversation with Ross Jeffery and Tyler Jones!

Ross Jeffery is the author of JUNIPER, TOME, SCORCHED, I DIED TOO BUT THEY HAVEN'T BURIED ME YET, and more!

Tyler Jones is the author of CRITERIUM, ALMOST RUTH, BURN THE PLANS, MIDAS, and more!

In this episode we discussed I DIED TOO, BUT THEY HAVEN'T BURIED ME YET by Ross Jeffery from Clash Books, MIDAS by Tyler Jones from Earthling Publications, forging friendships and mentorships with authors who have come before and paying that back to up-and-coming authors, the exploration of grief and loss, processing personal grief through fiction, the genre of grief horror, crafting unlikeable but sympathetic characters, writing from the heart, and much more!


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