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Episode 51: Author Interview: Frank Bill with guest host Meagan Lucas

Conversation with author Frank Bill (CRIMES IN SOUTHERN INDIANA, DONNYBROOK, THE SAVAGE, BACK TO THE DIRT, and more) with special guest host Meagan Lucas (SONGBIRDS AND STRAY DOGS, HERE IN THE DARK, and more)!

In this episode we discuss Frank Bill's upcoming novel BACK TO THE DIRT releasing May 9th, 2023 from FSG Originals, Frank's father Marine Lance Corporal Frank Merritt Bill Sr. and his time deployed during the Vietnam war being part of the inspiration behind the character of Miles, blue collar work informing and lending authenticity to his writing, BACK TO THE DIRT being his most personal novel yet, working with actor Norman Reedus to write THE RAVAGED, and much more!

Also tune in for an exclusive reading from the beginning of BACK TO THE DIRT.


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